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10 Pie Recipes to Try This Fall 

Body Rest

The Body Reset is a 4-week program that promotes health from the inside out. Combining our best selling services to offer a full health reset.


The program consists of detoxing, hydration, and delivering the proper vitamins that are depleted in most individuals. The program also helps with muscular pliability, flexibility, and overall body mobility.


• Home Supplements (Liver detox & glutathione  supplements)

 • Body Restoration (massage, chiropractic  adjustments, stretching)

• Infusions (4)

• Vitamin Injections (4)

• Brain Tap

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

At Infuse Wellness we offer ketamine therapy for those who are suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, or for those who are wrestling with where they are in life.


The ketamine can be administered two ways: intravascular (IV) infusion or intramuscular (IM) and each is specifically tailored to each patient. Our providers take into account many variables such as your age, weight, medication use, etc. prior to your treatment and will sit down and talk with you before, during, and after the treatment.

We recommend working with one of our licensed coaches prior to ketamine therapy. For additional questions you can call us at

 (310) 450-0600

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Pursue health and wellbeing in a more comprehensive way with programs tailored to improving your body or your mind. Reset with a 4-week program of massage, infusions, and more, or pursue the unique mental health advantages of ketamine. Either one will restore the nutrients your depleted body requires to operate at maximum physical or mental wellness.

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