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NAD+ Therapy


What is NAD+?

Found in every living cell in the body the coenzyme (helper molecule) Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) plays 2 key roles:

  • Powering Metabolism (turning nutrients into energy) via mitochondria

  • Regulating DNA Repair (essential for cell vitality, cell survival, and cancer prevention) and controlling cell damaging oxidation

NAD+ IV Therapy Benefits:

IV therapy and IV nutrition can refer to a variety of options during which your body receives intravenous infusions of different vitamins and supplements. These infusions can promote certain aspects of your health or increase your overall feeling of wellness.

Infusing your body with NAD+ via an IV drip is the only way to ensure that you get 100% bioavailability from the molecule. This means that your body will absorb the highest possible supplemental coenzymes and convert them into molecular energy.

Oral supplements of NAD+ do exist, but it is difficult for your body to absorb NAD+ this way and thus hard to guarantee results. Currently, IV therapy is the safest and most efficient way of supplementing the coenzyme in your body.

  • Increases energy

  • Reduces internal inflammation

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Slows cognitive decline

  • Promotes healthy brain function

  • Fights chronic fatigue

  • Regenerates cells

  • Slows aging


What Does NAD+ Do & What Are The Benefits

For The Body?

As we age, NAD+ levels decrease substantially, reducing metabolic function and cellular repair, leaving us at greater risk for:

  • Neurological and muscular degeneration

  • Declines in cardiovascular health

  • A reduction in our body’s capacity for cellular repair and resiliency

Our NAD+ drip helps reverse the decline.

The metabolic process is a fine balance of supply and demand and one that is controlled in part by enzymes that prompt the necessary chemical processes between cells. When that balance is upset, the body begins to malfunction at multiple levels, from cells to organs.

How Incorporating NAD+ Therapy Boosts The Energy Levels & Metabolism

Whether your chronic fatigue is due to an illness or you’re just feeling the effects of getting older, NAD+ can increase energy levels and put a spring back in your step again! NAD+, when administered intravenously, helps provide energy to your body’s cells on a molecular level.

Besides the benefit of increased energy, NAD+ also contributes to a healthy metabolism, which is a key part of dealing with weight management and blood sugar issues.

Other Physical Benefits of NAD+

IV Infusions

Since it is one of your body’s natural coenzymes that promotes cell regeneration, supplementing NAD+ levels through an iV drip can reduce inflammation and help your body recover faster from an injury. The coenzyme also assists in the activation of poly ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPS) to repair damaged DNA inside your body.


Biological Processes Aided By NAD+

  • Extracting cellular energy from nutrition

  • Maintaining mitochondrial function

  • Repairing and protecting DNA

  • Gene expression

  • Chromosomal integrity preservation

  • Calcium signaling

Long story short, we need NAD+ to live at a high functioning level. As we age, our bodies slowly produce less and less of the coenzyme, which leads everyone to begin feeling the harsh effects of aging and become more prone to age-related illnesses as time goes on. There are many ways to administer and supplement NAD+. One of the ways you can supplement NAD+ in your body is through IV therapy. This is a holistic, all-natural way to help your body fight against aging and illness to feel healthier and more youthful.


The Research

Mayo-Clinic   “As we age, we experience a decline in our metabolism and metabolic function. This increases the incidence of age-related metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes and others,” says Eduardo Chini, M.D., Ph.D., anesthesiologist and researcher for Mayo Clinic’s Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging and lead author of the study. “Previous studies have shown that levels of NAD+ decline during the aging process in several organisms. This decrease in NAD+ appears to be, at least in part, responsible for age-related metabolic decline.”

The journal Nature published research which found that people who took a daily supplement containing NAD+ precursors had a substantial, sustained increase in their NAD+ levels over a two-month period.

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