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IV Infusion Therapy

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Full Spectrum Drip Infusion

Our Full Spectrum infusion is a 500mL bag that contains all the essential vitamins safely dosed by our Medical Director.

There are additional options you can add on to your Full Spectrum infusion that tailor to your interest. An extra beauty boost, double the hydration, or increase the vitamin c for more immunity support.

Glutathione is an antioxidant with many benefits and support for our body. Not only is it essential for your immunity it also protects cells from damage and aids in repairing tissue.

Full Spectrum IV Drip 

Vitamin C



500ml Fluid

Infusion Add-Ons

High Dose C
Beauty (MIC & Biotin)
Additional 500mg Fluid ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Glutathione 1000mg

Push IV Infusions 

Push IV's are a fast and easy way to get your base vitamins or add a booster to another treatment.

Push Ivs are started just like a traditional IV and attached to a concentrated mixture of vitamins, minerals and amio acids and gently pushed through in about 15 minutes!

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Fast Vitamin Push IV

Get an infusion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in just 15 minutes. Many recipients report immediately experiencing improved mood, mental clarity, and energy.

Glutathione 1,000mg

This powerful antioxidant, when delivered without passing through the digestive system, can quickly deliver its protective benefits throughout every area of your body.

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