Mold in your home can lead to a wide variety of symptoms, some of which can be serious. If you suffer from chronic stuffy noses, headaches, watery eyes, or dry skin, you may have mold. Or, if you are experience severe reactions such as severe asthma attacks, you may also suspect mold. Fighting mold is one of the treatments we offer at Infuse Wellness.


You can see the healing happening in our clinic. Our patients experience less discomfort, less pain, and a more active life when they undergo treatment from our expert team.

Symptom Relief

Not all mold causes serious symptoms, but if you are suffering from mold toxicity, our treatments can help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. As a result, we make life easier, and better.

Effective Solutions

We want to transform your life, for good, with our treatments for mold problems. We only use approaches that are proven to work against parasites, with minimal side effects. Embrace optimal healing with proven approaches.

Customized Healing

Don’t get the same treatment everyone else is getting. At Infuse Wellness, we create treatment plans tailored to your body, your conditions and your goals. That way, you experience optimal wellness your way.

How We Treat Mold Disorders

Certain IV therapies are very effective at helping to flush mold out of your system. Often, these treatments go well with other approaches that also treat the symptoms of mold toxicity. Our approaches are customized to your needs so you can recover more quickly.

What Others Are Saying

Discover what many of our satisfied clients have to say about their life-changing, health-restoring experiences at our clinic.