A female patient undergoing ozone therapy in a clinical setting

What is Ozone Therapy?

A medical treatment that involves the therapeutic use of ozone, a naturally occurring molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, promoting various health benefits. 
The treatment is typically administered by qualified healthcare professionals, who carefully introduce a specific concentration of ozone into the body through different methods, such as infusion and nasal insufflation. This alternative therapy has gained attention for its potential healing properties and has been employed in various medical fields.

Ozone Therapy Benefits

Discover the benefits of ozone therapy in Santa Monica, a powerful method to boost your body’s healing abilities, enhancing circulation and tissue growth.

Enchanced Circulation

Ozone therapy can stimulate the production of red blood cells and improve oxygen delivery throughout the body. It may support overall blood flow while assisting in tissue oxygenation.

Immune System Modulation

Ozone therapy has been found to have modulating effects on the immune system. It may help regulate an overactive immune response or boost immune function when necessary.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Ozone therapy has shown promise in reducing inflammation by promoting the production of anti-inflammatory enzymes while suppressing pro-inflammatory mediators.

Improved Tissue Regeneration

Ozone therapy is thought to promote the production of growth factors and stimulate tissue repair, which may accelerate wound healing and aid in the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Ozone Therapy FAQs

Many of our clients have never heard of ozone therapy, or have questions about its use. Put your mind at ease by exploring these common FAQs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.

  • What is Ozone Therapy?

    Ozone Therapy is a medical treatment that uses ozone, a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, for therapeutic purposes. Administered by qualified healthcare professionals, this therapy introduces ozone into the body through various methods to promote healing and improve overall health.

  • What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

    Ozone Therapy offers several health benefits, including enhanced circulation, immune system modulation, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved tissue regeneration. It stimulates the production of red blood cells, enhances oxygen delivery, regulates immune response, reduces inflammation, and accelerates wound healing.

  • How Does Ozone Therapy Enhance Circulation?

    This therapy stimulates red blood cell production and improves oxygen delivery throughout the body, supporting overall blood flow and assisting in tissue oxygenation, which is crucial for bodily functions and healing.

  • Can Ozone Therapy Modulate the Immune System?

    Yes, Ozone Therapy has effects on the immune system. It can help regulate an overactive immune response or boost immune function as needed, making it beneficial for various immune-related conditions.

  • What are the Potential Side Effects of Ozone Therapy?

    While Ozone Therapy is generally considered safe, potential side effects depend on the method of administration and individual patient factors. It's important for patients to discuss these with their healthcare provider to understand the risks and benefits specific to their situation.

  • How Often Should Ozone Therapy be Administered?

    The frequency of Ozone Therapy treatments varies depending on the individual's condition and treatment goals. A healthcare professional at Infuse Wellness Center can provide personalized recommendations based on a patient's specific health needs.